Who are the MerMonKeyes?


MerMonKeyes know the key to happiness is to pursue your passions in life. These half monkey, half mermaids live in the moment,  chase their dreams, follow their hearts, and press their luck making the Blockchain a fun and happier place for all. MerMonKeyes are the most uniquely happy NFT's you can own.


Where did MerMonKeyes Come from?


MerMonKeyes haven't always had it this good.   When a classified cloning experiment at a seaside lab cross pollinated and altered the DNA of fish and monkeys, the MerMonKeyes, born freaks of nature were left abandoned on a secret tropical island. They found themselves stuck between two worlds, the ocean and the trees, never belonging to either, alone and abandoned. 


So they had to forge their own path, a hybrid existence of half mermaids, half monkeys. Being this unique allowed them to be exactly who they are, to try new things without fear and to take risks to reach their highest goals. 


Now you'll find MerMonKeyes living their best brilliant lives on the Blockchain.  With crypto as their currency and DeFi as their way of life,  the future looks limitless. 


Own Your Unique MerMonKeye!


Whether they are ballers, chefs, superstars or wizards,  nothing will stop their rise to great heights, fueled by the power of crypto and a zest for life. 


If you're lucky enough to own a MerMonKeye, you'll soon realize their enthusiasm, good nature, and positive vibes are contagious and just maybe they'll sprinkle a bit of MerMonKeye magic on you and your wallet!


No two MerMonKeyes will be exactly the same. Check out the Rarity chart to see just how special and unique your MerMonKeye will be!






MerMonKeyes are limited to 1000 unique NFTs and will be dropped in a series on Opensea, with special tier pricing. The earlier you catch a MerMonKeye the cheaper they will cost.


Series 1 MerMonKeyes 1-100 Price .015 eth


Series 2 MerMonKeyes 101-500 Price .02 eth


Series 3 MerMonKeyes 501-1000 Price .05




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